Non-Conformance Management Software

Non-Conformance Management

Tired of managing corrective actions on paper forms, word docs, and excel templates? FactoryQA give you a modern solution for managing non-conformances and corrective actions. Don't just correct issues, prevent them from occurring again. 

Pricing Overview

Free and premium plans that grow with you. Editions starting at:

- $0/month (USD) Free
- $99/month (USD) Starter
- $150/month (USD) Professional

What You'll Love

  • Centralized Issue Database
  • NCR & CAR Forms linked to each issue
  • Generate formatted PDF reports with 1-Click
  • Monitor status and actions for each issue
  • Automated analytics & reporting in the Dashboard
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Non-Conformances & Corrective Actions, Unified

Corrective Actions are one of the most important activities in Quality. Good corrective and preventative actions will prevent issues from recurring and help you focus on proactive activities. 

However, the process can be cumbersome. One person writes up a non-conformance. Another documents the corrective/preventive actions. Another reviews. If you're lucky, someone compiles all your data and gives you analytics to show what continuous improvement activities to focus on. 

FactoryQA unifies all these activities and automates some of the time consuming work. Focus on what is most important: preventing issues from occurring. 

NCR Analytics
Non-Conformance Dashboard

Centralized Database

It can be a challenge to keep track of non-conformance reports, their corresponding corrective action reports, open actions, owners, due dates, and analytics. Without a good system, things get missed. FactoryQA puts everything in one simple database that links everything seamlessly.

Non-Conformance Reports

Entering good non-conformance data is the key to a good corrective action. If information is not properly documented, it can be hard for the person doing the corrective action to put together a good report. FactoryQA has all the key information you need and makes it easy for anyone to enter the details that are needed.

NCR Report
CAR Report

Corrective Action Reports

Corrective Action Reports in FactoryQA are linked directly to each non-conformance. Simply open the form and start entering your summary into each section. FactoryQA autosaves all your work as you go so you can complete the report at your own pace. 

1-Click PDF Report Creator

Non-conformance reports and corrective action reports often need to be shared with internal and external stakeholders. Our 1-Click PDF generator creates a shareable report that you can send to anyone who needs it. Your company logo will populate on each report.

PDF Report
NCR Analytics

Real-Time Analytics & Reports

Let's face it, compiling all your non-conformance data and generating useful analytics can be time consuming. And often does not get done. FactoryQA generates real time analytics and reports that are designed to help you drive continuous improvement activities. Easily see what you should be focused on to prevent issues from occurring in the future. 


Ensuring proper approvals of both your non-conformance report and corrective action report can be important. Each report has an optional review section where you can assign people to review and approve both reports. 

Action Items

Monitor Open Actions

Monitoring open actions can be a pain and also feel like an annoyance. With FactoryQA, you can easily see who is working on what and the current status of each action. FactoryQA automatically generates actions when people are assigned to tasks. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What is document control software?

Document control software is a tool that helps organizations manage the creation, review, approval, distribution, and retention of documents in a centralized and automated manner.

What are the benefits of document control software?

Some of the key benefits of document control software include increased efficiency, improved collaboration, better compliance, easier access to information, and reduced risk of errors and omissions.

What types of documents can be managed with document control software?

Document control software can be used to manage a wide range of documents, including policies, procedures, work instructions, forms, specifications, and more.

How does document control software help with compliance?

Document control software can help ensure compliance with regulatory and industry standards by enforcing document review and approval processes, maintaining document version history, providing audit trails, and automating document retention and disposal policies.

How does document control software increase efficiency?

Document control software can increase efficiency by automating manual document management tasks, providing easy access to documents, reducing the time and effort required to search for documents, and enabling faster document review and approval workflows.

How does document control software improve collaboration?

Document control software can improve collaboration by providing a centralized platform for document sharing, review, and approval, enabling real-time feedback and comments, and allowing multiple stakeholders to work on the same document simultaneously.

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