Non-Conformance Management Software

Non-Conformance Management

Tired of managing corrective actions on paper forms? FactoryQA give you a modern solution for managing non-conformances and corrective actions. Key Features include:

  • Centralized Issue Database
  • NCR & CAR Forms linked to each issue
  • Generate formatted PDF reports with 1-Click
  • Monitor status and actions for each issue
  • Automated analytics & reporting in the Dashboard

Interactive Demo

Click through this interactive demo to see how non-conformance management works in FactoryQA.


Non-Conformance Reporting

FactoryQA enables users to report and track non-conformance incidents. The software provides a centralized platform for documenting non-conformances, assigning corrective actions, and tracking their progress. This enables users to take corrective actions quickly and efficiently, reducing the risk of non-compliance.

Automated Workflows

When a CAR is assigned, FactoryQA generates tasks and due dates for owners. Track the status in an easy to use kanban board.

Prevent Repeat Issues

FactoryQA enables users to perform root cause analysis to identify the underlying causes of non-conformances. This enables users to address the root causes of non-conformances, reducing the likelihood of recurrence.

Automated Reporting

FactoryQA enables users to generate automated reports based on non-conformance data. This enables users to monitor non-conformance trends, track the effectiveness of corrective actions, and share data with stakeholders in real-time.

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