A QMS that manages quality for you

FactoryQA is a QMS software that automates your QA tasks and gives you real-time analytics so your team can focus on what is most important.

Free up time to focus on value add tasks

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There is never enough time to get everything done in Quality. Teams are busy with firefighting and the day to day activities. Unfortunately,  some of the most valuable activities get pushed aside. Continuous Improvement and Proactive Quality initiatives provide great benefit but take time to do correctly. 

FactoryQA automates the time consuming back office tasks that get in the way the strategic projects that help reduce your Cost of Poor Quality, drive Continuous Improvement, and increase Customer Satisfaction. 

Ditch the paper forms and excel. Put QA on autopilot and focus on what you do best. 



Paperless Quality Management

Build your own Comprehensive and Customizable QMS


Build your own Internal/External Audit Forms. Automate your risk analysis and standardize your mitigation plans.

Inspection Sheets

Build your own Inspection Sheets. Centralize all inspection data and benefit from Predictive Analytics.

Work Instructions

Build your own Visual Work Instructions. Show people how work is done with pictures or video.

NCR Management

Record Non-Conformances in an easy to use system. Quickly record the right data and move on.

CAPA Management

Corrective and Preventive Actions are linked to each Non-Conformance. Easily find and view any actions.

Document Control

Centralize all of your Quality Documents and make it easier to create PPAP's.

Project Management

Create, Assign, and Monitor tasks and actions. Prioritize, Set Due Dates, and Status. View all open and critical items.

Alerts & Escalations

Notify the right people at the right time to ensure critical Non-Conformances are resolved faster.

Advanced Analytics

See where your problems are occurring and what they are. Predictive Analytics allow you to prevent issues before they occur.

90 Day Certification

Easy, Fast Certification

ISO 9001 and AS 9100 Certifications have many benefits for your business:

  •  Improve your operations (Reduce Cost of Poor Quality, Increase Productivity).
  • Make decisions faster.
  • Improve Customer Satisfaction.
  • Increase Revenue.
The problem is preparing compliant systems on your own can be confusing and hiring a consultant can be expensive. FactoryQA has developed a unique Certification Workshop that solves both of these problems. Our workshops will setup a compliant QMS, help you implement, and ensure your team is prepared for the audit. Get certified in 90 days for $2400. 

Certification has never been this easy and cost effective!

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