QMS Software for Manufacturers

Quality Management, Simplified

Transform your quality management processes and take control of your workday with our intuitive QMS software; designed to simplify complex tasks, automate workflows, and empower employees to achieve their goals more efficiently.

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Centralize Quality Processes

FactoryQA puts your key processes and data in one place.

Automate QA tasks

Get time back in your day so you can focus on what you do best.

Easy to use

A modern, intuitive user interface means you can get started today.

Reduce your Stress

Quality can be stressful. FactoryQA is purpose built to make your life easier.

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An intuitive app to centralize Quality Management

No more spreadsheets, word docs, or paper forms. Combine all your key quality processes and data in one centralized location.

Key Features:

   Non-Conformance Management
   Calibration Management
   Audit Management
   Inspection Sheets
   Work Instructions
   Data & Analytics
   Task Management

Automate the tedious tasks

No more wasted time manually compiling data, analyzing data in spreadsheets, creating reports, or reviewing due dates for key activities. Focus you time on the most important, value add activities.

Key Automations:

   Real time analytics of your key data
   Alerts on when document reviews are needed
   Alerts on when calibrations are due
   Alerts on when tasks are past due
   1-click pdf reports 
   Automated Audit analysis and scoring
   Approval and Review Workflows
   Change Request Workflows

Improve collaboration with real-time visibility

Stop wasting time asking for status updates. Stop wasting time composing updates and reports. With FactoryQA, all data and updates are available to see in real time. Enhance visibility and collaboration between all levels of your org. 

   See the status of every open action in real time
   Share data and see alerts in real time
   Generate analytics and reports with 1-click
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Analytics and insights for proactive quality

FactoryQA doesn't just give you automated, real-time analytics; we give you analytics that help you prevent issues from occurring in the first place. 

Key Analytics:

   See where your non-conformances are occurring
   See your common and repeat failure modes
   See which suppliers cause the most problems
   See which customers report the most issues
   See what actions are past & coming due
   See your cycle times for closing out issues
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Reduce the stress of quality management with FactoryQA

With tools that make every part of quality easier for your people and a support team excited to help you, getting started with FactoryQA has never been easier.