Connecting QA data, processes, and teams

FactoryQA is a QMS software that automates and manages your core QA processes to ensure optimal performance — so you can focus your attention where it’s needed most.

Why choose FactoryQA for your QMS

The FactoryQA Difference

You have choices when it comes to QMS software. Here is what separates FactoryQA from the rest:

1. Easy to Use: Legacy software products are stuck in the past. Their platforms are complex and confusing to use. FactoryQA has a simple, easy to understand interface so you can start using right away. Onboarding should be measured in days, not months. 

2. Built by a Quality Engineer: FactoryQA was built by a QE who saw first hand the struggles of QA depts. ERP’s didn’t have all the features QA teams needed and paper/excel solutions are not an effective way to manage something as important as Quality Management. FactoryQA has the features your team actually needs.

3. Priced for SMB’s: Unlike other vendors we don’t hide the price or charge outrageous amounts. $99/mo for admin users, $59/mo for production users, $15/mo for view only users. 

4. Expert Support: Need someone to help you get certified or help you manage QA? We have expert consultants to help you with any QA task. 

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Paperless Quality Management

Easy to use and customizable features

Document Control

Centralize all of your Quality Documents and make it easier to create PPAP's.

NCR Management

Record Non-Conformances and link CAR's/8D's to each NCR. View real time data and drive effective CI.

Calibration Management

Manage all your calibrated tools in one place and ensure that no tools are ever past due on calibrations.


Build your own Internal/External Audit Forms. Automate your risk analysis and standardize your mitigation plans.

Inspection Sheets

Build your own Inspection Sheets. Centralize all inspection data and benefit from Predictive Analytics.

Work Instructions

Build your own Visual Work Instructions. Show people how work is done with pictures or video.

Project Management

Create, Assign, and Monitor tasks and actions. Prioritize, Set Due Dates, and Status. View all open and critical items.

Alerts & Escalations

Notify the right people at the right time to ensure critical Non-Conformances are resolved faster.

Advanced Analytics

See where your problems are occurring and what they are. Predictive Analytics allow you to prevent issues before they occur.

Start using from Day 1

Implementation made easy

Implementation and setup can be a headache. At FactoryQA, we make it easy for you to start utilizing your QMS from Day 1. Here’s how:

  • You fill out a Setup Worksheet
  • We setup your workspace settings and user accounts
  • We setup your Document Control Section
  • We setup your Calibration Management
  • We work with you to setup Work Instructions and Inspection Sheets
  • We provide training sessions to you and your team (if needed)

We do this all free of charge because we want you to start experiencing the benefits from Day 1. 

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