Non-Conformance Management

Record, Track, And Analyze Quality Non-Conformances To Identify Root Causes And Document Corrective And Preventative Actions.

Prevent Repeat Problems With Better Documentation And Actions

Repeat problems happen all the time but they are preventable with proper documentation and CAPA’s. FactoryQA helps your team enter the right details for each issue and then walks operators through the proper Corrective Action Process. Ensure the appropriate actions are taken to satisfy Customer Complaints and Prevent Issues from repeating.

FactoryQA Non-Conformance Management solution enables your team to minimize future occurrences and drive continuous improvement. Using FactoryQA quality leaders can quickly track critical non-conformance details in an easy to use interface, saving that non-conformance data into your FactoryQA cloud database. This makes it easy to look back on past non-conformance, identify repetitive issues, and drive continuous improvement across your quality focused teams.

Whether your organization leverages 5 Whys, Fishbone, or any other root cause analysis
tool, it’s important to document the root cause analysis process. FactoryQA allows quality
teams to document root cause analysis following the submission of a non-conformance.
Identify corrective and preventative actions, and have those CAPA’s reviewed and verified
for efficiency by quality leaders in your organization. All to ensure they are robust enough to
cover your teams to prevent future occurrences.

With a few clicks, easily view the details of any past issues and the actions that were taken. Enable your teams to benefit from Lessons Learned. See what has worked and what has not. 

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