Quality Management At The Source

Build Quality into your operations and make Quality apart of your Culture. Prevent Defects from occurring and focus on Continuous Improvement.

Document Control

The Document Control Module centralizes and controls all your key documents. A few key features include:

1. Approval Workflows: automatically notify approvers when a new document is ready for review and remind them when tasks are overdue.
2. Annual Reviews: Require approvers to review annually. 
3. Revision History: See all revisions of all documents.
4. Access and Permission: Control what users can see and do.

Centralize Data

Revision History

Automate workflows

Non-Conformance Management

Non-conformance management is a key aspect to quality management. It is critical to collect the right data, do the right actions, and do them timely. FactoryQA makes the process easy. Here is how it works:

1. Record non-conformance. 
2. Assign owner and automatically trigger tasks for containment and 8D.
3. Owners complete 8D report that is linked directly to each issue.
4. Automated reminders to ensure timely completion.
5. Assign reviewer to verify 8D effectiveness.

NCR Database



Task Management

All tasks that are triggered through each module (NCR, Calibration, etc) are all stored in the Task Management. Easily see what tasks are due and when. FactoryQA automatically reminds task owners when tasks are created, coming due, due, and overdue. Ensure your team has a clear view of what needs to be done and when. 

Automate Workflows

Automated Reminders

Clear view of daily tasks


Have a lot of calibrated tools? It can be hard to keep track of when each needs to be calibrated. FactoryQA makes it easy to maintain compliance. Here’s how it works:

1. Setup all tools with owners and calibration requirements. 
2. Automatically notify owners when each tool needs to be calibrated.
3. See complete history of calibrations and records.
4. Easily see the high level status of all tools.

Database of all tools

Alerts when calibration is due


Inspection Sheets

Our digital Inspection Sheets allow you to digitize your inspection sheets, store all your data in one place, and get insights from your data. Record inspection data on computers, tablets, or mobile devices. Use our prebuilt inspection templates or build your own forms with our inspection sheet builder.

Digital Forms

Database of all Inspections

Easily Print or PDF

Work Instructions

Digitize your Work Instructions and show people how to do work with videos, pictures, drawings, and text. Our Work Instruction builder makes it easy to build your own Work Instructions in a standard format.

Digital Forms

Video and Pictures

Ensure only the latest revs are used

QA Database

Do you ever have trouble finding old paper forms or files on your computer? The QA database puts everything you need in one spot. Easy search and find all historical data.

Single Source of Truth

Data is easy to find

Easily find and review Reports

Analytics and Reporting

Generating reports can be time consuming and the data. You have to collect it, clean the data in excel, and then create your own graphs. By the time you are done, the data is already old. FactoryQA does all this for you… and in real time. Know exactly what you need to work on, now. 

User Friendly

Easily analyze

Drive the right actions

Access Control & Permissions

It is important to control who has access to each feature and what users have the ability to do in each feature. For example, you want everyone to view your Quality Manual but you don’t want everyone to be able to edit it. 




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