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Leverage Your Quality Management Data To Create Real Time Analytics To Predict And Prevent Future Issues, Reduce Cost Of Poor Quality, And Implement Process Improvements.

Predictive Analytics Tell You What To Fix Today To Prevent Issues Tomorrow

Generally, metrics just show you what has occurred in the past. This is great info for driving Continuous Improvement but you miss the ability to prevent issues from occurring in the future. We tell you what is trending towards failure so you can fix issues before they occur. 

What good is a quality management system if all of your data gets locked up in a filing cabinet somewhere? The short answer, no good! FactoryQA allows quality leaders to pull real time analytics on all of your quality data. Want to look up non-conformances reported two years ago? No problem! Interested in reviewing the first couple of inspections that were completed after opening your last facility? Easy! FactoryQA allows Quality teams to leverage real time, predictive analytics to leverage historical data to predict and prevent potential future issues. This is essential to our mission of helping our clients reduce the cost of poor quality, by ensuring that every quality leader has access to the analytics they need to ensure they are learning from all past quality mistakes.

Data Analysis and Reporting is time consuming, but also very important. Data should drive your activities and Continuous Improvement projects. FactoryQA does all the data collection, clean up, analysis, and reporting for you. All with a few clicks on any device, any where. 

Would you rather have your employees looking at data or implementing Value Add Continuous Improvement Projects?

FactoryQA uses your data to identify and prioritize your Continuous Improvement opportunities. Data Collection and Analysis is a very time consuming part of Continuous Improvement. We do it all for you with the click of a button. Ensure you are always working on the highest ROI projects.

Predicting and Preventing Issues might be one of the most valuable task your Quality Team can do. The problem is, how do you actually do that?

FactoryQA takes the data from your Inspection Sheets and identifies when Machines or Parts are Trending towards out-of-spec conditions. This allows you to fix problems before they actually occur. 

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