Internal and Supplier Auditing 

Take the busy work out of your Audits

Internal and External Auditing is a highly important activity but companies often don’t do as many as they’d like. It takes a lot of time to do an audit, evaluate, score, and identify mitigation actions. Our Audit feature automatically does the evaluation, scoring, and action plans for you. All you have to do is perform the audit and the rest is done for you. 

Everyone has different audit priorities. Our Audit Form Creator allows you to create your own Internal and External Audit Forms. Simply add the Sections and Questions. Then assign a Risk Rating, Auditor Hints, and a Mitigation Plan to each question. 

Risk Scoring is an important part of auditing but can often be ambiguous. Our built in rating analysis takes the ambiguity out and clearly shows you where your highest risks are present. 

Mitigation plans are one the most most important but often overlooked part of an audit. For every risk that is identified, our audit forms will automatically identify the mitigation actions that are needed. All you have to do is assign the action and verify that it is completed to your satisfaction.

Not everyone is an expert auditor. Build in hints and describe what to look for to make it easier for newer Auditors to be effective.

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