Alerts & Escalations

Create Automated Downtime Alerts And Escalations That Alert The Right People Anytime A Downtime Incident Occurs.

Reduce Downtime And Continue Production Faster

When a Downtime or Critical Issue occurs, it is important to resolve quickly. We make it easy to notify the right people at the right time. If issues are not resolved in a timely manor, management receives an escalation. If you have shifts, alerts are transferred to the appropriate people in the next shift for any open issues.

FactoryQA is a quality management system that functions as more than just a database for non-conformance reporting and quality management documentation. With FactoryQA you’re able to create automated workflows that alert the right people in your organization every time a quality incident is triggered. Whether this be a downtime incident, a failed quality inspection, or a CAPA that requires immediate attention, FactoryQA can create automated alerting and escalation processes to make sure nothing slips through the cracks. 

Drive operational efficiency by ensuring the right people are being alerted of crucial quality action items. FactoryQA enables quality teams to create automated workflows to ensure that no quality incident goes unnoticed, helping you to ensure that downtime is minimal and cost of poor quality (COPQ) is minimized.

An easy to use Dashboard gives you an instant view of all Downtime events and the status. All events must first be “Contained” and then “Resolved”. Review all actions from any device to verify that they meet your satisfaction. 

Clear Visibility Into All Downtime Events

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